Top 5 Tips for Digital Printing in Brisbane CBD

When you are running a marketing campaign, digital printing in Brisbane CBD should be an important part of your marketing mix. Digital printing is efficient and appropriate when you need to do a large volume of variable data printing and on demand printing. Variable data printing allows you to personalise and customise your marketing campaign for direct mail recipients, and the following things need to be considered when you need to get your designs ready for a digital press.   Do Your Colour Adjustments in RGB Format It is vital to make all colour corrections when your images are in RGB (red green blue) colour format. After images are converted to CMYK (cyan magenta yellow black) for printing, a lot of colour information gets lost. This means you will have fewer colours to work with. Also, the black separation reduces the amount of CMY in the images. Having less CMY makes it almost impossible to make any appreciable colour adjustments to the images.   Test Your Fonts Early Many fonts and font packs can now be downloaded for free. Thanks to the open and interconnected nature of the digital world. But you must be sure that fonts you use don’t have restrictions that will stop you from using them in PDF files or for printing. If you don’t do adequate testing from the onset, you may discover that the font has restrictions, after you have completed your design. Testing your fonts is not a difficult task. All you need to do is to use it in a QuarkXPress or InDesign document and then attempt to export the page and... read more

How to Process Pre-press Files for Events and Expo Printing in Brisbane

If you are preparing for your next exposition or corporate event, you will be preparing a lot of materials for printing. Due to the short time available to prepare for most events, it is important to have a pre-press file that is ready for use by your printer. To help your printer meet their deadlines and avoid unnecessary delays at the press, here are some tips for processing your pre-press files for event and expo printing in Brisbane.   Use the Right Graphics Design Application You must create your pre-press files with the correct program. Only use pre-press software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to make your pre-press files. Software like Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint are suitable for desktop word processing and creating presentations but they must not be used to make your pre-press files. When you are preparing for events and expo printing in Brisbane, use the appropriate program to print your brochures, programme booklet and catalogue.   Send the Right File Format to Your Printer Before you start designing any of your materials, you need to ask your printer for their preferred file format. Some printers want a PDF file with a high resolution while others will ask for the file created with InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. Others may prefer an entirely different type of file. Ask the printing company for full details about their file format and resolution.   Be Conscious of Printing Limitations The fundamental equipment used by most printing companies is similar but the models and capacity of the machines may vary considerably. Some printers have small presses which have limitations... read more

5 Vital Aspects of Effective Business Cards

Business cards can help you to create a memorable first impression on the mind of your prospects. They also function as an effective follow-up reminder to tell them that you are excellent at what you do. But what should you put on your business card to attract your clients to your business? Here are some valuable tips on how you can use business cards in Brisbane as effective marketing tools. Put a Conspicuous Positioning Statement On your business card, place a clear statement that will distinguish your business and brand from competing businesses. This will create an emotional link between your brand and your prospect. Your statement should emphasise or propose a unique benefit that your business offers to your customers.This may be durability, quick service, wide reach, or ability to meet a need in a special way. Add the Most Functional Content A small 3.5 x 2″ card will not give you all the space you need to add all the marketing messages or information about your business. But through a concerted editing process, you can remove the fluff and leave the most important details that will increase conversions. Make sure the details you include are clear, succinct and relevant. Add all contact methods including social media accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter. Placing your photograph on your card will help a prospect to remember you the next time he or she sights you. You may also add an image that represents your service or the prime benefit of your business to your customers. In addition, you should choose colours that can portray the image of your business more... read more

4 Reasons Why Printing in Brisbane CBD Should Always Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Some business owners and marketers are now being influenced by myths and rumours about the printing industry. But printing in Brisbane CBD is still a viable marketing option that will deliver the expected leads and conversions if it is approached in a professional way. In order to clear away the misconceptions that people have, here are some vital reasons why printing is still an effective marketing tool. It is Eco-Friendly –┬áContrary to popular belief, paper is actually a renewable resource, which can easily be recycled. Most of the paper used for printing today comes from well-managed farms and forests where the ratio of planted to harvest trees is about 4 to 1. Studies also show that in developed countries over 60% of paper consumed is recycled. Print marketing also has a lower carbon footprint than its digital counterpart. Most carbon emissions associated with print marketing take place just once while creating the printed material. But carbon emissions take place each time a prospect or consumer views a digital advert. Print Marketing is Still Effective –┬áCustomers still respond well to print marketing in today’s marketplace. So it is not an outdated marketing method. Studies have revealed that over 70 percent of consumers still prefer to receive print mail messages and announcements instead of email from their favourite brands. Also, the same percentage of consumers said they prefer to read printed paper rather a digital screen due to glare and eye strain. It is important to remember that the internet has an unlimited amount of distractions that can overwhelm your audience and discourage them from concentrating on your marketing message. But... read more

How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Conference Printing in Brisbane

The quality of your conference materials has a powerful impact on the success of your conference. You need to give adequate attention to their production. That is why you should pick a printer that has the capacity to provide all the professional skills and production capacity for high quality conference printing in Brisbane. Here are some of the factors you need to consider before choosing a printer to handle the printing of materials for your next conference in Brisbane. 1. Can they guide you through the process? When you need a competent printing firm to handle a major print project, it is better to hire a specialist rather than a generalist. A company that specialises in conference printing will have the experience and expertise required to guide you from collation of conference papers and documents to the design, final printing and delivery. A specialist knows all the challenges that conference planners face and they can help you to avoid them so your materials will be error-free and ready for distribution before the conference begins. 2. Are they efficient enough to meet deadlines? It is important to start discussions with your printer long before you start collecting content for your conference. Experienced conference printing specialists will adopt best practices that will help you to avoid unnecessary delays or sleepless nights on the eve of the conference. They will offer helpful recommendations on how to arrange your collection process to ensure that organising, formatting and saving of print-ready files goes as smoothly as possible. Some even go further and use proprietary in-house systems to help you collate your conference papers as... read more

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