5 Binding Options You Should Consider for Convention Printing in Brisbane

Getting your convention materials fully prepared for printing could be an arduous task. But having knowledge of the benefits of various types of binding options will help you to produce high quality printed materials that will not only serve your participants but also be great reference materials in future. Here is a brief discussion on some of the most widely used binding options available today and the reasons why you should use them for convention printing in Brisbane. Perfect Binding This is the style of binding that is used on soft-cover books in Australia and other parts of the world. Whether it is a college or professional textbook, they usually have this kind of binding. This option enables printers to print the title, author, and publisher on the spine of the book. It is visually appealing and it permits the inclusion of tabs and page dividers. Participants will also find it easier to locate it on their bookshelves after the convention. Plastic Coil or Spiral The plastic coil binding is similar to the metal spiral binding used for notebooks several decades ago, but the coil is made of plastic rather than metal. This style of binding is ideal for convention notebooks because it permits the attendees to open the book out flat or to quickly fold it into two to take notes. Plastic coil binding can be a good complement to your corporate brand or logo since it is available in a wide range of colors. Wire-O Wire-O binding is used on many journals and periodicals. It is similar to the plastic coil binding, but the straight Wire-O binding... read more

6 Essential Tips for Working With Printers in Brisbane CBD

If you are new to commercial printing or you have just been given the responsibility to handle a major print project, you must be able to communicate effectively with your print partner. The following tips will help you to know what to tell your printer, how to state specifications, and how to keep track of the progress of the project. 1. Provide as much detail as possible early To get a fair estimate from your printer, it is important to give detailed job specifications about your print job. It will enable you to avoid unnecessary surprises when the project is completed. Bear in mind that every print job will have unique details and it can only be completed by paying attention to detail from design to proofing to selection of paper and by ensuring that the right combination of colours are used for branding. 2. Tell your printer your preferred mode of communication Effective communication between you and your print partner is one of the vital keys to the success of your print job. Most professional printers will find out about your best mode of communication and how often you want to receive an update on the progress of the job. You can choose between phone calls, email, and text messages. 3. Put all specifications in writing During a major printing job, the job specifications may get altered in the middle of the production cycle. Examples of these include batch quantities, binding methods, and delivery instructions. So it is vital to keep track of all the communication in writing. Open a file and keep a paper trail and print... read more

4 Unique Ways to Turn Your Business Card into a More Effective Marketing Tool in Brisbane

Business owners and employees use business cards in Brisbane to introduce themselves to others. We all know the importance of handing out a colourful business card to people we meet at trade shows, networking meetings, and other important events. But we seldom pay attention to ensure that handing out our cards also serves as a marketing opportunity. Your business card offers a great chance to market yourself and your company or business to a well-targeted audience. Here are six proven ways to use your business card to boost sales. Make Your Card a Multipurpose Tool –¬†Increase the utility of your business card. It doesn’t have to be a means of communicating your basic contact information alone. Create a card that performs other useful tasks so that your prospects or clients will use it and see it more often. One of the best ways to do this is to design a card that can serve as a bookmark, note card, or sticker. As long as it performs another useful function, your business brand and contacts will be seen frequently and it will bring about more leads and contacts. Track the Use of Your Card –¬†Tracking ads is a fundamental aspect of professional marketing and you should apply the same principle in the use of your business card. To track it, you may ad a QR code or an SKU and then as you are handing it out, give your recipient a juicy offer like a discount or a coupon code as a reward for checking out your business website. With this approach, you can easily monitor how fast your card... read more

5 Vital Reasons Why You Still Need a Business Card in Brisbane

The way we use smartphones to send instant emails and communicate on social media may make you think business cards are no longer relevant. But they are still important. Digital media will not replace business cards any time soon. Giving out business cards in Brisbane can help you to create a lasting impression on potential customers and business partners. Here are five reasons why your business card remains a valuable marketing tool.   1. Business Cards are Effective for Direct Marketing Digital advertising, search engine optimisation, and email marketing are good channels for attracting new prospects. But they can’t beat the effect of having a face-to-face meeting with a person and concluding it with a warm handshake and an exchange of business cards. As a business owner or executive, you can encounter a new contact or prospect at any time or place including airport lounges, industry conferences or trade shows. That is why you should always have your business cards with you so you can take full advantage of the opportunity to establish a profitable business connection.   2. Your Business Card is a Powerful Branding Tool When you meet a person that could become a great prospect, or help you to create a great business connection, your business card can help you to promote your brand and make a good first impression. It is more powerful than merely exchanging email addresses or phone numbers. To make a good business connection through business cards in Brisbane, you must have a card that is of the highest quality you can afford. For instance, in addition to the conventional cards made... read more

5 Undeniable Benefits of Using Pull Up Banners in Brisbane

Pull up banners are widely used for adverts in shop windows and for displays at trade events. They offer an attention grabbing, visually stimulating, and cost effective form of physical advertising. When you need to make a presentation at a conference or an upcoming event, you need to use a display product that will promote your brand effectively. Using pull up banners in Brisbane has continued to be an effective way to promote businesses because they have the following features and qualities.   Convenient to Transport and Set Up Pull up banners can be transported very easily by company representatives from the office to an event venue and back. They are equipped with attractive shoulder sling bags that make them easy to move along with other items required to set up your booth or ad space at a trade event. They may transported conveniently by hand by a single employee or in one of your company vehicles. In addition, the banner is very easy to set up wherever it is needed. Within a few seconds, you can pull up the graphic display and erect the stand without any technical expertise or assistance.   Easy to Print and Deploy These banners do not require a long time to print. Unlike other large format print adverts, they can be printed within a short notice. You may even prepare the graphic design at your office and send it to a printer, who will improve on it, and get it printed quickly. Most pull up banners in Brisbane can be printed at short notice. After you get them printed once, you can continue... read more

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