6 Cool Print Design Trends to Watch

Print and outdoor signage remain relevant than ever. This is despite the dominance of digital in the advertising landscape. Despite the allure of digital media to advertisers and marketers, the giving of business cards, marketing flyers and other print materials remains a common business practice. Moreover, physical signage like banner and A-Frames continue to attract customers. With the present business condition, the prediction of doomsayers that print is dead remains a claim.

As we approach another year, printing and graphic design professionals need to fine-tune their skills to catch the trend. Almost every year, trends in design are changing. This coming year, experts in the industry expect designs to be complimentary across all media, whether web, TV or print. Here are some of the trends to look for in 2019.

Use of Bold Fonts

Consumers are bombarded with information from the internet, TV and other sources. For this reason, physical outlets need to simplify the way they deliver messages. One way to that is by using bold and easy-to-read fonts. These fonts easily catch the attention of pedestrians and passers-by. When used properly and strategically, they can easily convey information. What’s more, they can contribute to the overall design of the signage.

Complements with Digital

Graphic artists for print should make sure that their design should complement with their digital counterparts. This means that there should be uniformity across different media. Marketing campaign professionals must make sure that the font, colour and layout should be consistent across all media.

Use of 3D Elements

3D is currently the gold standard in modern animated movies, video games and other digital visual elements. Because of this, kids and even adults would also want to see 3D elements on print as well. Hence, experts predict that the inclusion of 3D elements will become a norm on posters, signs and even product packaging.

Tactile Signage Brisbane

Besides the illusion of reality brought by 3D images, people would want to literally feel the signs. Hence, experts expect printing companies and sign-writers to come up with tactile designs. They can use materials such as cotton or rubber that can be touched by people. This trend will also improve accessibility, especially to blind people.

Minimalism 2.0

Clear, simple and straightforward designs are expected to dominate the signage industry in the coming year. Designers expect minimal and flat design together with 3D effect to remain. In fact, professionals might even remove other distracting parts. This way, only the essential elements are seen by people, who are being swamped by information.

Wave Effects

This visual effect surprisingly became popular last year. Design critics expect that the hype for this image effect will continue next year. To achieve this effect, the entire image or a part of it is deliberately distorted. The final design closely resembles a glitch on a TV screen. It is predicted that designers will make modifications and different versions.

Use of Hand-drawn Illustrations

More and more designers are using scanned hand-drawings and incorporate it into the design. This makes a wonderful combination of digital and physical artworks.

The trends in graphic design change every year. As such, you need to make your sign printing in Brisbane attuned to the design trends to make them stand out.