Outsourcing your company’s printing jobs may seem expensive initially. But after careful evaluation, you will discover that it is not. The relatively high cost of procuring ink and toners for your desktop printing machines makes in-house printing a very expensive option for bulk printing jobs or for printing in large format. If you need to print business cards, fliers, multi-part forms, or roll up banners, it is better to hire a printer. Here is a brief explanation of the main advantage of outsourcing jobs to copy shop in Brisbane.


  1. High Quality of Printing Paper

A great benefit of hiring a professional printer to produce your print brochures and other marketing materials is the unique and specialised materials that they usually use for each print job. The most important one is the quality and type of paper. Professional printers can use various grades and varieties of paper to create amazing effects that will make your printed materials stand out among those of your competitors.

For instance, your print job can be done on matte, metallic or gloss paper which possess different types of colour, saturation and reflectiveness. Some of these types of paper are good for bright and attractive displays while others are better for dark and conservative colours. Printers know exactly what to use to achieve the type of effect you want your marketing materials to have on your target audience.


  1. Superior Print Quality

Printing done by professional printers in Brisbane cannot be compared to what you can do through the efforts of your in-house staff. Professionals have access to the state-of-the-art machines that produce higher resolutions and bring out the highest level of detail, mostly efficient in banner printing Brisbane. With the help of the most advanced graphics and publishing software applications, these professional printing jobs come out with impressive visual effects.

In addition, professional printers will provide a number of embellishments and finishing touches that cannot be done with desktop publishing. These include surface texturing, lamination, custom framing and lamination. Apart from enhancing the appearance of the printed material, these finishing touches also increase their durability.


  1. Faster Turnaround Time

Due to the limited knowledge of printing that most of your staff have, they will not be able to turn out a large volume of prints within a short time. The office printing equipment and photocopiers also have obvious production speed limitations. So instead of waiting for several weeks for your staff to complete the printing of a few thousand copies of your marketing fliers, why don’t you hire a professional to do the job?

Professional printers will offer faster turnaround time because of the capacity of the printing machines they use. Most of these machines can turn out tens of thousands of copies of full colour prints per day. Also, releasing your printing jobs for professionals will give your employees more time to focus more on meeting the needs of your customers.


  1. Reduction of Printing Costs

When you have a large volume of prints to produce, or you have to do specialised printing for your business, outsourcing it to a professional will actually reduce your costs. If you were to do all your printing in-house, the cost of printing supplies and machinery will be quite exorbitant. Trying to use desktop machines and office copiers to produce jobs in commercial quantity will not only be uneconomical it may even shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Your employees will also have to work overtime to meet up with the deadline for the completion of the printing. So it is better to outsource bulk and specialised printing jobs to reputable professionals.



The high quality output, speed, convenience, and low per unit cost of printing, are some of the most important benefits that you will enjoy when you hire a professional printer. Thus you will be able to produce exceptional promotional materials for your business.