Some business owners and marketers are now being influenced by myths and rumours about the printing industry. But printing in Brisbane CBD is still a viable marketing option that will deliver the expected leads and conversions if it is approached in a professional way. In order to clear away the misconceptions that people have, here are some vital reasons why printing is still an effective marketing tool.

  1. It is Eco-Friendly – Contrary to popular belief, paper is actually a renewable resource, which can easily be recycled. Most of the paper used for printing today comes from well-managed farms and forests where the ratio of planted to harvest trees is about 4 to 1. Studies also show that in developed countries over 60% of paper consumed is recycled. Print marketing also has a lower carbon footprint than its digital counterpart. Most carbon emissions associated with print marketing take place just once while creating the printed material. But carbon emissions take place each time a prospect or consumer views a digital advert.
  2. Print Marketing is Still Effective – Customers still respond well to print marketing in today’s marketplace. So it is not an outdated marketing method. Studies have revealed that over 70 percent of consumers still prefer to receive print mail messages and announcements instead of email from their favourite brands. Also, the same percentage of consumers said they prefer to read printed paper rather a digital screen due to glare and eye strain. It is important to remember that the internet has an unlimited amount of distractions that can overwhelm your audience and discourage them from concentrating on your marketing message. But with direct mail marketing, the competition is much smaller and easier to manage. So you have a better opportunity to link up with your audience effectively and achieve a conversion. In fact, by adding your important company URLs and QR codes to your printed materials, you can use both print and digital marketing to maximise your conversions.
  3. Print Marketing Can Be Personalised – It is true that digital marketing can be personalised quickly with a customer’s name by using the appropriate email marketing software. This instantly creates a strong connection with the prospect or client. But with various techniques, the same amount of customisation can be done on print marketing materials. When you are creating your print media, you may add a die cut window for quick personalisation if you are printing a report or a folder cover. This allows you to see the material inside through the front cover. So all you have to do is use a mail- merge application or add on in your word processing software to change the customer’s name, and address so you can achieve your desired personalisation.
  4. Printing Offers Unlimited Creativity – Some business owners believe that only the standard shapes, colours and sizes can be used for printing. But you are not restricted to the common printed rectangle. You can actually engage the unlimited possibilities offered by professional printing like die cutting and make all your materials stand out. When you are doing commercial printing in Brisbane CBD, you are absolutely free to change the shape of your standard business cards from a rectangle to a shape that looks like that of your flagship product. You can also add a specially shaped pocket to a presentation folder so your audience can stare at your print media and take time to look at what you are offering and make the desired contact.


Most consumers still like to receive print marketing materials that promote your products and services. So your marketing plan should always include both print and digital media.