The increase in digital marketing has not reduced the effectiveness of print marketing in any way. In fact, marketing through printing in Brisbane CBD and other business hubs in major Australian cities has become a more authentic form of marketing. Now it is easier for businesses to engage their customers and build their brands due to the tactile nature of print marketing materials. Print marketing is a tested and proven method for engaging customers and it delivers a high return on investment. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should use printed materials to promote your business.


  1. Print Marketing Has an Increasing Response Rate

In the last decade, print marketing has experienced a high response rate. During the same period, email response rates have reduced considerably. Some savvy direct marketers and copywriters are even receiving higher response rates than what they experienced at the peak of print marketing over thirty years ago. The truth is that today, most consumers are bombarded with up to 100 emails every day and many of them are simply sent to their spam folder. On the other hand, printed newsletters and direct marketing materials are opened the same day they are received and they are kept for future reference.


  1. Printed Direct Mail Has a High Return on Investment

The return on investment you can get on direct mail is currently higher than other marketing channels. For various products, particularly consumer goods, returns could be in the ratio of 13:1 or 1300 percent return on investment. Direct mail beats the ROI you can get from affiliate marketing, or email marketing in Brisbane. While these digital marketing channels are essential for consumer awareness and brand building, they do not attract the same response rate that direct printing mail in Brisbane CBD can deliver.


  1. Print Marketing Can Increase Your Web Traffic

If you want to boost the traffic to your website, you can use both digital and print marketing to achieve your goal. Studies have shown than over 40 percent of consumers who read professionally designed print materials end up visiting the company’s website. This percentage rises further after the consumer has received an email. With the new advancements in printing technology, consumers can even use their phones to scan QR codes and visit your website instantly.


  1. Printed Materials Give Consumers a Better Platform to Act

In contrast to a lot of digital marketing adverts that are received on the go and while at work, most direct marketing goes to the home of the consumer. This gives the consumer an opportunity to sit in a relaxed atmosphere and read your marketing message carefully. Many consumers can spend up to a week looking at a direct mail advert or newsletter. That is why it is easier for consumers to respond to tear-off coupons and other print marketing materials with special offers.



Print marketing is a viable marketing method to promote your business and get a better response. That is why you should invest more in direct marketing to get a higher return on your marketing expenditure.