Business owners and employees use business cards in Brisbane to introduce themselves to others. We all know the importance of handing out a colourful business card to people we meet at trade shows, networking meetings, and other important events. But we seldom pay attention to ensure that handing out our cards also serves as a marketing opportunity. Your business card offers a great chance to market yourself and your company or business to a well-targeted audience. Here are six proven ways to use your business card to boost sales.

  1. Make Your Card a Multipurpose Tool – Increase the utility of your business card. It doesn’t have to be a means of communicating your basic contact information alone. Create a card that performs other useful tasks so that your prospects or clients will use it and see it more often. One of the best ways to do this is to design a card that can serve as a bookmark, note card, or sticker. As long as it performs another useful function, your business brand and contacts will be seen frequently and it will bring about more leads and contacts.
  2. Track the Use of Your Card – Tracking ads is a fundamental aspect of professional marketing and you should apply the same principle in the use of your business card. To track it, you may ad a QR code or an SKU and then as you are handing it out, give your recipient a juicy offer like a discount or a coupon code as a reward for checking out your business website. With this approach, you can easily monitor how fast your card is attracting leads to your website. Then you can modify the design and incentives if you notice the results don’t meet your target.
  3. Support a Social Cause – Business and community support or any form of social impact complement each other these days. So when you hand out your business card in Brisbane, let your prospects and potential partners know that you are committed to improving the lives of members of your community or that you are involved in other charitable causes. Use your business card to inform people about your drive and passion to help others. For instance, you can include: “Proud supporters of Legacy Brisbane.”
  4. Add Your Photo and a Humorous Quote – Putting a face to your name will make your business card stand out among several others. So consider redesigning your card and adding a nice smiling face so people can connect your name to your face and have a longer lasting memory of you. A good photo will naturally increase the popularity of your brand and make more people like you and share information about you with others. In addition to your face, you may also add a humorous quote that will lift up the soul of people and connect them with the value your business adds to society.


Handing out well designed business cards in Brisbane is an effective way to distinguish your brand from others. As you hand them out to people, use them to start a conversation that will help you understand the needs of your prospects and offer them a message that shows how your business will meet their needs.