Getting your convention materials fully prepared for printing could be an arduous task. But having knowledge of the benefits of various types of binding options will help you to produce high quality printed materials that will not only serve your participants but also be great reference materials in future. Here is a brief discussion on some of the most widely used binding options available today and the reasons why you should use them for convention sign printing in Brisbane.

Perfect Binding
This is the style of binding that is used on soft-cover books in Australia and other parts of the world. Whether it is a college or professional textbook, they usually have this kind of binding. This option enables printers to print the title, author, and publisher on the spine of the book. It is visually appealing and it permits the inclusion of tabs and page dividers. Participants will also find it easier to locate it on their bookshelves after the convention.

Plastic Coil or Spiral
The plastic coil binding is similar to the metal spiral binding used for notebooks several decades ago, but the coil is made of plastic rather than metal. This style of binding is ideal for convention notebooks because it permits the attendees to open the book out flat or to quickly fold it into two to take notes. Plastic coil binding can be a good complement to your corporate brand or logo since it is available in a wide range of colors.

Wire-O binding is used on many journals and periodicals. It is similar to the plastic coil binding, but the straight Wire-O binding looks a bit more elegant and it is more costly. It is used for convention printing in Brisbane because it allows the participants to open the book and fold it for note taking. Like the plastic coil, Wire-O is available in different colours and it may also be used for publications that need dividers or page tabs.

Saddle Stitch
Saddle stitch is the name of the binding style applied to many magazines. The pages of the magazine or booklet are held together with two staples at the spine and folded into two. Saddle stitch is an economical style of binding documents that have less than 90 pages. It is a suitable option for printing programs, product brochures, catalogues and schedules. Although it is not suitable for tabs, the fore-edge of each page can have a different colour for various sections so that a reader can easily locate the desired chapter or section.

3-Ring Binder
The 3-ring binder is the same type of binder that many university students and other professionals use to organize loose sheets for term papers and projects. The ring binder usually comes with clear sleeves in front and at the spine. This gives room to put in very attractive and well designed inserts that have your logo, corporate colours and images of your products. You can use the 3-ring binder when you have to produce a document with several hundred pages or you need to insert and remove pages during the convention.

Those are some of the most commonly used methods of binding for convention printing in Brisbane. The kind of binding you choose for your printed convention documents should be determined by the cost, number of pages, and purpose.