Your business card is a vital part of your business identity. No matter how much we use social media and smartphones, a business card still serves as way to leave a lasting impression. But what happens after you give someone your business card? Do you receive a phone call, or a visit to your website? Here are some ways to improve the response you get when you give out business cards design in Brisbane.


  1. Print the Best Quality Card You Can Afford

Avoid using cheap thin and flimsy business cards, they create a poor impression in the mind of the recipient. Instead, invest as much as you can in high quality durable stock cards. This will create a lasting impression and encourage anyone holding it to get in touch with you. Ensure that the card fits your brand and is appropriate for your professional field and the type of people you want to do business with you.


  1. Design the Card to Make People Contact You

Considering that a business card has very little space to place an advert, you must ensure that you design it to make people contact you. So hire a competent graphics designer that can help you to communicate your marketing message to anyone who reads it. You card should have all the information that is needed to prompt a prospect to take action that can be converted into sales.


  1. Put a Well Stated Marketing Message on Your Card

It is a common practice to put a nice sounding title on a business card. But putting “president”, “director” or even “CEO” on the business card will not give people an idea of how you can help them. Instead of vague titles, focus on the function you perform in the company and how it can help the person holding the card. You may even remove it completely and place a strong and well targeted marketing message. Let your card tell the reader the kind of problems you solve.


  1. Add a Special Offer at the Back

This may seem unconventional but if you really want to use your card to attract fresh clients and raise your profits, you should add an irresistible offer to the back of your card. You can easily provide people with a free juicy report or an interesting guide that will be of value to your target audience. For instance, if you are an accountant, you can offer a report titled: “10 Legal Ways to Reduce the Amount of Tax You Pay Every Year”. This report will be available to people who decide to visit your website. When prospects visit your website to download your report, ask them to leave their full name, phone number and email address.


  1. Add a Call to Action

Ask people who read your business card to log on to your website and receive a special discount or product offer when they subscribe to your email newsletter. You will be building up a list of people to market your products to and your prospects will have a chance to see all the products and services you provide, and take action that can bring in more sales and profit. You should also ask people to go to your social media page on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram and follow you on Twitter.



With these simple tips, you can print new business cards and start seeing an increase in the number of people who receive it and take the desired action. Then your business card will become a veritable marketing tool that will enable you to increase the profit in your business.