Business cards can help you to create a memorable first impression on the mind of your prospects. They also function as an effective follow-up reminder to tell them that you are excellent at what you do. But what should you put on your business card to attract your clients to your business? Here are some valuable tips on how you can use business cards in Brisbane as effective marketing tools.

  1. Put a Conspicuous Positioning Statement

On your business card, place a clear statement that will distinguish your business and brand from competing businesses. This will create an emotional link between your brand and your prospect. Your statement should emphasise or propose a unique benefit that your business offers to your customers.This may be durability, quick service, wide reach, or ability to meet a need in a special way.

  1. Add the Most Functional Content

A small 3.5 x 2″ card will not give you all the space you need to add all the marketing messages or information about your business. But through a concerted editing process, you can remove the fluff and leave the most important details that will increase conversions. Make sure the details you include are clear, succinct and relevant. Add all contact methods including social media accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Placing your photograph on your card will help a prospect to remember you the next time he or she sights you. You may also add an image that represents your service or the prime benefit of your business to your customers. In addition, you should choose colours that can portray the image of your business more effectively instead of using plain black and white.

  1. Simplify the Layout

Set out the information on your card so that there is enough space for readers to easily locate the contact details they need. Avoid unnecessary clutter in the bid to include every detail possible. Leave a little white space where you can give your prospect a handwritten reference note. This may mean leaving out large graphics like QR codes that tend to give cards an outdated look.

  1. Offer a Free But Valuable Gift

Use your business card to show little acts of kindness to your prospect or client. This will make your card stand out from others. For instance, you can direct them to a free report, e-book or YouTube video that will be of great benefit to them. When you meet international clients, you can offer them your business card in their language. Other gifts include a mini conversion chart, coupon code or a special offer.

  1. Offer a Distinct and Durable Design

Make the look and feel of your card special so it functions like a warm and firm handshake, which always makes a great first impression. Using a durable print stock will encourage your prospect to pay special attention to your card and keep it in a conspicuous place. For this reason, a professionally designed and printed business card will give you business greater credibility.


Professionals who use business cards in Brisbane, can use these tips to create a strong and lasting link between their clients and their business. If it is properly used, the small card can help you connect to more prospects and draw more customers to your business.