Printed flyers can help to promote both small and large businesses in Australia. They should be part of your marketing strategy because they can be used to communicate with customers and inform them about new products or special offers. But due to the increasing number companies adopting flyer printing in Brisbane to promote their businesses, your flyer must be distinct from others. Here are some tactics and strategies you can use to make your printed flyers stand out.


  1. Use a Bold Eye-Catching Headline

Your flyer should have an attention-grabbing headline that will make the person reading it to look at the entire flyer and absorb your marketing message. Try to make the title short and succinct. But you may also use long headlines if your audience will take time to read it. As much as possible, let the title states the major benefit that the customer will gain if he acts on your offer.


  1. Draw Attention to the Main Benefits of Your Product, Service or Event

Make sure you use a section of the flyer to itemise and highlight benefits of your products or event. List the most important benefits that will get your audience to take action. Arrange them in order, placing the most important benefits at the top of the list. Use attractive bullets and graphical effects to draw attention to the list.


  1. Choose Striking High Quality Graphics

Your images are just as powerful as your headline. Most people will even spend more time looking at the images than they will spend reading your headline. So ensure that you use high quality HD photos. You could hire a professional to help you take photos of your product or anything you are trying to promote. You may also use appropriate stock photographs if you want to illustrate some of the information or benefits you want to communicate to your audience.


  1. Use Fonts That Are Easy to Read

Your flyer must be easy to read at a glance. Choose fonts that are better suited for printing. For instance, serif fonts may not be good for electronic devices but they are easier to read on paper. Also, limit the number of fonts you use to a maximum of two or three. You can use one for the main heading while the other font will be used to create bullet points and provide details about date, time, venue and other important details.


  1. Proofread Your Flyer Thoroughly

Take time to proofread your flyer several times to eliminate all typographical and grammar errors. If possible, get one or two other people to read it carefully before it goes for printing. If you are working with a professional who does regular flying printing in Brisbane, you must insist that they give you a final draft to read before. Ensure that all the information about dates, prices, phone numbers and addresses are error-free.


  1. Add A Call to Action and Special Offer

The essence of sending out flyers is to get the readers to take a certain action. So ensure that you offer them an incentive to do so. If you are selling a product, you can offer a discount for those who buy or contact you first. Similarly, you can offer a discount or reward to those who pay early for an upcoming event. This will encourage those who need the service to avoid procrastination and give you a good return for your marketing investment.



Printed flyers are very effective tools for direct marketing and advertising. With tips highlighted above, you can start producing flyers that will attract attention and encourage the readers to take the desired action.