The quality of your conference materials has a powerful impact on the success of your conference. You need to give adequate attention to their production. That is why you should pick a printer that has the capacity to provide all the professional skills and production capacity for high quality conference printing in Brisbane. Here are some of the factors you need to consider before choosing a printer to handle the printing of materials for your next conference in Brisbane.

1. Can they guide you through the process?
When you need a competent printing firm to handle a major print project, it is better to hire a specialist rather than a generalist. A company that specialises in conference printing will have the experience and expertise required to guide you from collation of conference papers and documents to the design, final printing and delivery. A specialist knows all the challenges that conference planners face and they can help you to avoid them so your materials will be error-free and ready for distribution before the conference begins.

2. Are they efficient enough to meet deadlines?
It is important to start discussions with your printer long before you start collecting content for your conference. Experienced conference printing specialists will adopt best practices that will help you to avoid unnecessary delays or sleepless nights on the eve of the conference. They will offer helpful recommendations on how to arrange your collection process to ensure that organising, formatting and saving of print-ready files goes as smoothly as possible. Some even go further and use proprietary in-house systems to help you collate your conference papers as they are submitted and format them for you quickly.

3. Do they offer brand consistency?
Experience has shown that many print projects have got to the proofing stage before the client discovers that the colours and fonts used for the brand logo and other parts of the job do not match the standard. This usually leads to an unnecessary waste of time and resources. To avoid such delays and unexpected expenses, you need to ensure that you view proofs on paper early with your printer. Reliable conference printers will provide proofs early. In fact, you should be prepared to discuss the details of the CMYK colour references for all your brand or corporate colours long before the deadline for the job.

4. Can they offer dedicated project support?
A reputable conference printing specialist will be able to give you a dedicated project manager. You will have a person that will take time to study your company or association and know the best way to work on your project. This will make it easy to produce superior quality work every time. A dedicated staff will save you time and ensure that your session handouts, conference journal notebooks, conference brochures, flyers, presentation folders and other event materials have consistent quality.

With these tips, you should be able to obtain the best results the next time you need to do conference printing in Brisbane. The ideal printer will work as an extension of your in-house team and provide the additional capacity required to support you through all the stages of the project up to the delivery of the materials to the conference venue.