No two companies or individuals are alike. Whether you are a corporate entity or simply a person looking to push public engagement, remember that audiences want to know what sets you apart from others in the field. In the end, your consumers won’t stick around if they find your branding boring and largely impersonal.

Whilst curating a specific approach and image takes time and effort, it is essential to think of thoughtful strategies such as placing creative pull up banners that can resonate well with your intended audience. Below are some creative ways you can help your company and your personal brand stand out from the crowd:

Practise Transparency with the Public

Before anything else, personalities and organisations looking to make a name in the industry need to be honest with their audience. More than being honest, it is best to provide avenues where you can show that there is a human side to what you are presenting to the public.

For example, a simple admission of your company’s flaws, mistakes and current problems which affect the customers’ relationship with the organisation can do a world of wonders. Going beyond transparency, you should also provide exceptional customer service that helps to address the concerns of your patrons.

Take a look at The Ordinary, an offshoot of Deciem. This seemingly simple yet powerful line of beauty products has admitted its fair share of problems. One of the most talked-about feuds in the beauty industry is their CEO’s rift with another powerhouse, Drunk Elephant.  Deciem publicly apologised. They even donate to the cause supported by Drunk Elephant.  Now that’s one way to apologise!

Do Collaborations

Various individuals and companies see to it that they gain more traction by partnering with other influential personalities. Doing this allows both parties to benefit from the association, helping them widen their reach. Take for example MAC Cosmetics’ collaborations. With famous personalities such as Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and even Patrick Starr, they surely have mastered the art of collaborating.

If you want to start out small, consider doing blogs for your business. However, if you feel like you are ready to take the next step, why not use vlogs and YouTube as a platform instead? This will definitely garner engagement from many individuals.

Go for Old-School Marketing Tools

Despite highly technological innovations in this digital age, going old school might be your best bet. To help evoke strong feelings of nostalgia, why not do a guerrilla and vintage-themed approach during your next event? Complete with pull up banners, you can give your exhibit a magical feel.

To take your party to new heights, finish the look with tea lights, posters and even media walls and go all out. In the end, you can channel rock vintage meets boho chic, something which is very trendy today.

By taking these steps, you can certainly improve your public image and engagement. What’s more, you might have found the key to taking your branding to new heights. Try them now!