Pull up banners have become an essential tool for optimising the limited space you have at most trade shows and exhibitions in Brisbane. If you are preparing to attend an exhibition or trade show in popular exhibition venues like the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre or the Brisbane City Hall, you should do all you can to attract as many visitors as possible to your stand, with professionally designed pop up banners.

Using pull up banners printing in Brisbane exhibitions offers many distinct benefits. These portable eye-catching banners are very effective tools for promoting your corporate brand, products and services. Without taking up much space, pull up banners are easy to set up within a short time. You will also be able to reuse them again because they are strong and durable. The following tips will help you to use them to attract more visitors to your stand.


Use a Professionally Designed Banner

A well designed pull up banner will make your company stand out among other exhibitors. That is why you must get the right graphic design and information on the banner. Your banner requires the same amount of attention as a print brochure, newspaper or TV advert, so it can captivate many visitors and get them to stop and look at what you are offering. We recommend that you place your logo at the top and then add a short message with a large easy-to-read font accompanied by a beautiful picture or graphic to portray your product or service. You may also add a call to action at the base to encourage people to stop and make enquiries.


Place Your Banner in a Strategic Position

After investing money to create an attractive banner, you should ensure that it is positioned at a spot where it can capture the largest audience. Ensure that the banner is facing the incoming traffic where a large number of people can see it from a distance. In addition, you should position the banner where there is sufficient lighting. If it is feasible, provide additional spot light that will automatically draw attention to your banner.


Reduce Clutter at Your Exhibition Stand

Endeavour to use your floor space wisely without cramping so many items into it. Remember that when you are arranging your stand to handle a large number of prospects, ‘less is more’. Instead of cramping up so many products into your stand, put some on your banner and hand out flyers and product brochures, or use other space saving devices like animated slide shows to show the other products. This will make your banners more conspicuous and allow you to have more space to attend to the people that it attracts.



Learning how to use pull up banners in Brisbane exhibitions can make the difference between a fruitful outing with a lot of enquiries and one that provides minimal results. That is why we provide top notch professional pull up banner printing services for businesses in Brisbane. Contact us now for more details on how to design and use banners to promote your business.