When you are running a marketing campaign, digital printing in Brisbane CBD should be an important part of your marketing mix. Digital printing is efficient and appropriate when you need to do a large volume of variable data printing and on demand printing. Variable data printing allows you to personalise and customise your marketing campaign for direct mail recipients, and the following things need to be considered when you need to get your designs ready for a digital press.

Do Your Digital Colour Printing Adjustments in RGB Format

It is vital to make all colour corrections when your images are in RGB (red green blue) colour format. After images are converted to CMYK (cyan magenta yellow black) for printing, a lot of colour information gets lost. This means you will have fewer colours to work with. Also, the black separation reduces the amount of CMY in the images. Having less CMY makes it almost impossible to make any appreciable digital colour adjustments to the images.

Test Your Fonts Early

Many fonts and font packs can now be downloaded for free. Thanks to the open and interconnected nature of the digital world. But you must be sure that fonts you use don’t have restrictions that will stop you from using them in PDF files or for printing. If you don’t do adequate digital testing from the onset, you may discover that the font has restrictions, after you have completed your design. Testing your fonts is not a difficult task. All you need to do is to use it in a QuarkXPress or InDesign document and then attempt to export the page and create a PDF file. If it is completed without displaying warning messages, then the font is free for embedding.

Avoid Large Solid Areas – Offset Printing in Brisbane

Unlike the fine and even solids produced by offset printing in Brisbane CBD, you may discover that digital printing does not give the same quality as offset printing. The reason is that offset printing uses ink while digital printing uses toner. During offset printing, Ink is absorbed into the paper while the tonner is applied dry. So it is better to apply a Photoshop texture to solid areas or break up large colour areas with elements like text or illustrations.

Beware of Cracks at Folds

The fact that toner is fused on the paper instead of being absorbed makes it prone to developing cracks along folds. The easiest way to prevent cracking is to place thin lines, headline text and rules across folds while planning your digital colour printing. That way the cracking will be limited and less obvious. But if you must put a large solid area there, you need to tell your digital colour printing service provider to score the sheets before folding them. This will reduce any unsightly cracks along the final fold.

Discuss Extensively With Your Printer

Apart from the issues associated with colour, fonts, solids or folding, you should be aware that many digital presses in Brisbane have improved over the years. So you need to discuss your printing project with your printer before you start designing. That way you will not have to deal with any of these issues and your designs will come out exactly the way you want them.


Digital printing in Brisbane CBD makes it easier for small businesses to print in smaller quantities on demand and with variable data for better direct mail marketing. Check out our online printing services in Brisbane and be conscious of the factors highlighted above when you want to use this mode of printing.