Many businesses have been using print brochures in Brisbane and other cosmopolitan Australian cities for direct marketing, long before the internet became a popular marketing channel. But with the number of brochures competing for the attention of your audience, how can you make your company’s brochure stand out? You can do this by creating a unique design with copy that resonates with your audience. If you intend to create a brochure that will improve your sales or announce the release of a new product, the following tips will help you to get a good response.

Study and understand your customer

Before you start planning your brochure, take time to study your target consumers. Find out what their needs are and why they would like to buy your product. You should know the most critical problem that your product will help them to solve. To get accurate information about your customers’ needs, you can take customer surveys and enquire from experienced sales people.

Use proven copy writing techniques

Expert copy writers follow a systematic writing method to grab the readers attention and lead them to take the desired action. A good example is AIDA, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. To make the desired impact on your audience, your copy should grab their attention early, then arouse and sustain their interest until they have a strong desire to purchase your product or service.

Focus on the benefits your customers will gain from your products

Ordinarily, customers will be more interested in their needs and how to satisfy them rather than your products or services. So you must write down all the benefits that they will get if they purchase your product. Once people can see themselves enjoying the benefits you describe, they will more likely contact you or buy your products.

Use headlines that will grab your readers’ attention

In less than 10 seconds, most readers will take a glance at the first page or cover of your brochure and decide to stop or continue reading. If your headline or the images on the front cover are stellar, the reader will continue reading. But if the design is poorly done, your brochure would be tossed aside or placed in the recycle bin. So make sure you write a good headline that is enticing, specific and has at least one major benefit that addresses the needs of your audience.

Include a definite call to action

The ultimate aim of designing and mailing, or handing out print brochures in Brisbane is to market your brand, attract more customers and boost your sales. So after you get your audience interested in what you want to sell, you should instruct them to take steps to possess it. Many readers will not search for your phone number or visit your website simply because you have printed them on the brochure. You have to tell them explicitly to call you or sign up for a free trial of your product or service on your website. You can also offer them an urgent reason to act like a special discount for a purchase before a particular date.


With these simple tips, you can make your print brochure stand out among the crowd. These ideas have been provided to help you derive maximum returns from your investment in a professionally designed print brochure. For additional information on our premium quality brochure design and printing services, please contact us now by phone or email.