Types of Signage Every Business Needs

Traditional marketing is still very efficient, especially in the form of signage. No matter where you go, you can spot on business signs scattered along the streets and establishments. These materials help promote products and services, also letting people know the store location. If you will stroll inside the malls, signages can also be seen, enticing people to enter a certain boutique.

If you’re still not improving the design and style of your store signage, you’re missing a lot of opportunities. Upgrade today and discover what other signages to get and display.

Types of Signage in Brisbane


One of the most common signs used by different stores is A-Frames. This product can be transported from one place to another and is foldable. If you have a food truck business, you can get this and draw people’s attention immediately. Since it is foldable, you can keep it for a long time and not let it exposed to harsh weather conditions.

For the material, always choose metal for durability. Metal can be used for years and is easy to maintain. You’ll only need to pay extra but overall, A-Frames made in metal are excellent signs.

Pull-Up Banners

For a sleeker appearance, you can opt for the Pull-Up Banners. Usually made in premium polyester, this material is scratch, water and tear resistant. It’s also light and easy to carry, making transportation a breeze.

This is best used in exhibitions, malls and outdoor events. It’s easy to set up and needs very minimal maintenance.

Flag Banner

Made for outdoor displays, the Flag Banner is effective and cheap. It can stand on its own or installed on the ground. With this product outdoors, people can easily spot your location in a number of booths in an event.

Choose from different shapes of the flags:

  • Teardrop
  • Feather Convex
  • Feather Angled
  • Rectangle
  • Giant Flag
  • Econo Flag


Fabric Portable Display

Joining an event real soon? Don’t forget to get Fabric Portable Display for more visible signs. You can print essential information on these materials, giving people a glimpse of your products and services. It can have a stand light for better visibility of your display.

This kind of display is famous in exhibitions, seminars and other indoor events. 

X Banners

Slightly similar to the Pull-Up Banners, the X Banners offer more stability and customisation. Mostly called spider banners, these are lighter and easy to set up, carry and transport. The material is also durable, and the carbon fibre arms are versatile.

The best thing about the X Banners is you can interchange the prints easily. It has a hook to attach a banner and change it according to the event you’re attending. The only downside of this product is it’s extremely light, which makes it vulnerable to strong winds outdoors. 


Posters are common print promotional materials, effective to capture the attention of people. Using eye-catching design and colours, the display can draw people to a certain establishment. Depending on the size, people can easily read on the print, making this efficient for advertising.

If you don’t have a big budget, you can aim for posters. Have it installed in front of your shop or in any place that permits advertising.


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